Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fresh and Easy

I am doing you all a favor and letting you know how awesome Fresh and Easy is. It is this new little grocery store in Upland that could be like Trader Joe's little sister. Great produce and a great selection of their own line of products.

We wandered in there just to look around and left with hummus, garlic naan, huge capers, chocolate milk, milk chocolate bar with almonds, mango lemonade, chocolate covered raspberries, sugar snap peas, pineapple chunks, marinated artichoke hearts, freeze dried strawberries (for $2!) and blueberry granola- all for $30. And it is all so good, especially the mango lemonade. They even had tripe, which is just as nasty in real life as it looks on TV.

So for all you Californias, Nevedians, and Arizonians, go check out Fresh and Easy.


sue{;-P said...

Now you can go to hell.

m. & m. said...

Can you actually beleive the Plant Lady said that?

Jessica said...

I was wondering where you live, you keep mentioning Upland in some of your posts, and that is a home away from home. My grandparents have lived there forever, and my family is all there right now as we speak. I am excited to check on this new market next time we are there!

tadd&cat said...

Tripe? Um, ew. I read up on it (thanks for the link), and i'm officially disgusted.

Jodi Jean said...

well i'm gonna have to check it out. this is the 2nd time i've heard of it (or did you tell me already and i'm retarded? hmmmm)

Simon Uwins said...

Thanks for the rave review of our store Rookie Cookie! I also included you in my latest blog.

We look forward to seeing what recipes you will create using our products in the future.

Wishing you fresh and affordable food,