Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome Home!

So I am back from my trip. That means my house has ZERO food in it. But never fear, I am prepared. Here is a tip that you might want to use on your next trip.

When we go out of town,
I bring my grocery list with me. A day or two before we come home, I go online and order my groceries (I like, but you can also use I choose a delivery window that fits my schedule the best. Like we got home late last night and I had chosen a delivery window of this morning between 10 and 12.

So I will have groceries delivered to me while I empty suitcases and do laundry.


m. & m. said...


kristib said...

That is a fantastic idea. I've never even thought of that but it makes so much sense!

Jodi Jean said...

i love getting my groceries delivered. and i've now switched to vons since you mentioned they do it as well. i like them better than albertsons. thanks whitney!

Jodi Jean said...
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