Sunday, July 13, 2008

FN Star

This is totally for real and I am not making this up.

Tonight, Jack and I were sitting at the counter eating some delish blue corn chips from Target. Jack asked for some salsa, but we didn’t have any. So I decided to go through the cupboards and fridge and I found a few things to make a salsa with. We had some black beans, corn, cilantro, onion and limes and we proceeded to make some salsa. Jack would stir as I would chop. We finished the salsa, got a chip and took a dip. And then Jack looked ahead, as if he was looking into a TV camera and he said,

“And we will be right back!”

He thinks he is on the Food Network.

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cat+tadd said...

How is it that this post didn't merit any comments? It's effin' hilar.