Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here's to Procrastination and Laziness!

So Jack is now toilet dependant. And like all the moms I talked to said would happen, he just got it one day. I waited and waited for that day. I actually never really did anything along the lines of training him. Sure, occasionally he would wear unders while at home, but that only meant that he had accidents. I figured either I could train him or he could train himself. I would rather not have toilet training interfere with my life, so it was all up to him.

Diapers were getting smaller and smaller and he was getting more and more uncomfortable. And Ethan and I kept reminding him that he was still a baby.


"No Son, you are a baby because you like to pee in diapers. Sorry."

"I'M. A. BOY!"

"No you're not."

I think the breaking point was when I offered two Dum Dums instead of one. Once he got that concept, he had earned 8 Dum Dums in an hour. It looked like a bunch of ballons for a mouse.

Every since then, he has had very few accidents and sometimes he even goes in all on his own and relieves himself when he feels neccessary.

So what have we learned? To get your child out of a diaper and onto a toilet, you have to breakdown their self-esteem and fill them full of candy.

Whatever works:)


My World said...

I can't believe that this is happening to you this week too!

Jhett has finally decided to go potty on the toilet, too! I can't even believe it. He has not mastered it yet and I am not sure if he will return to diapers but for now he wants to do it all by himself!

Go Jack!!

cat+tadd said...

This may shock you, and anger you, but it made me sad to hear that Jack is potty trained. I don't want him to grow up.

MamaDonna said...

I guess Cadence is now alone in the land of Pull-Ups. She still refuses, and to make matters worse, I was pulling a "your going to sit there until you put something in that potty, even if we have to sit here all day" thing when the big earthquake hit. So she now associates the 2. Go me.

whitney said...

Penny, here's to big boys!!! Let's hope it lasts for the both of us!

Caitlyn, just shut up. If you want him to stay small, come change his #2 diapers and then we will talk.

Donna, I actually just laughed out loud. Go figure that the freaking earthquake would hit. Maybe Heavenly Father is saying something... He is saying Cadence should be in diapers forever. Sorry.

Jodi Jean said...

HUZZAH!! yeah for big boys. (my MIL asked me the other day if i was trying to get aidan toilet trained before #2 pops out ... i thought to myself ... are you freaking kidding me? he's 17 months old you crazy person ... instead i politely told her no.)

yeah for self-esteem and candy!!