Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Little Vansome

Go ahead, click on the picture.
Scroll down to Van and turn your head to the right
and get a good look at my sweet son.
And if you can, try and avoid my obnoxiously large cleavage.
Don't worry, I hate it too.

Here I go.

I am going to tell you about Van. Sometimes, Ethan and I feel like we just need to have a good cry over how ridiculously adorable he is.

He is now 6 weeks. He is growing out of his 0-3 month clothes and moving into size 2 diapers. He has the biggest smile accompanied with a right-sided dimple. He could lay on a blanket in the shade and stare up at a tree all day. And if he is hungry, lightly kiss those big lips and he will try and suck your face off. Van likes car rides, especially ones up Euclid Ave. in Upland while Mom looks at all the pretty houses. And amazingly enough, I have yet to rock Van to sleep. He just likes to get burrito-bundled, nosh on a pacifier and sit in my lap.

Dang it Van, you are so cute. Me and Dad almost can’t handle it.

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