Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shaking in my Boots

I will follow suit along with all of my fellow Southern California bloggers and tell you about the 5.4 earthquake yesterday.


At 11:42 am, Van was finally napping in his swing. Jack was half-naked watching “Annie” and I was sitting at the computer. Jack walked over to me and asked for a banana. Then it sounded like a car hit our house and things started shaking like ca-rayzy. It was so loud. I grabbed both boys and headed for a door jam. Jack was crying like a baby and I was trembling. After the intense shaking deceased, I looked over into the play room and the blinds were swaying back and forth. Then I felt that the door jam was swaying too.

After finally getting through on the phone and checking that Ethan was okay (he was at a dr. appt. on a third floor), we checked the news and tried to calm down. For the rest of the day, Jack played “earthquake”. His helicopter would fly around and save people. He couldn’t stop talking about it and I eventually stopped listening. So then he asked to call someone to talk to them about it. He just needed a listening ear.

As for Van, he slept right through all the commotion. But I did mark “1st Earthquake” on his baby calendar.


heather said...

haha! i marked "1st earthquake" in wendy's baby calander too.

birdonthelawn said...

i had to check in on your today. when i saw rancho and chino hills (knowing that was in your neck of the woods) on the news i knew that you and yours had felt the shake. glad all is well.

Morgan said...

I thought about you too when I'd heard! yikes. glad you're okay!

Jodi Jean said...

hehe ... i LOVE quakes ... and this one was great!!! aidan slept through it as well.

Jones Family said...

I wanted to grab the camera and take a picture of my kids "1st earthquake" too... But I chose to be a better mom, rather than a better blogger and get my kids in a doorway. It's funny how kids respond to it... Well Whit, welcome to Southern California!

cat+tadd said...

So glad to hear you are all ok! Freaky.

whitney said...

Heather, I want to see your baby now that she is bigger. And for heaven's sake, you haven't seen mine!

Ashley, thanks for the concern. BTW, you look like Amanda Seyfreid from "Mamma Mia".

Morgan, thank you as well for your concern. It was freaky!

Jodi, you are nuts.

Courtney, yes, poor Whitney. Ethan has been making fun of me ever since the earthquake.

Caitlyn, you should come over and enjoy an earthquake sometime. It is fun.