Monday, August 4, 2008


I spent my weekend being a widow. Ethan worked his feet off, literally. BTW, surgery is about a month away. Yipee Skippy.

While Ethan worked everyday all day, I feel like I did too. Good golly, two kids is work. With just Jack, I thought it was work going to the store. Oh PU-LEASE! Let me take just Jack to the store any day.

Naturally, I reflect on my raising and how my mother didn't manage to screw up 6 girls. Yes, 6 girls and no, not one boy. And while there were 6 of us, we were close in age. I can't even begin to comprehend another baby in 14 months like my mother did with Haley and Mallory.

Thank the heavens for birth control, which I gladly take everyday when I brush my teeth.


cat+tadd said...

You silly, they are 16 months apart. Totally doable.

whitney said...

14 months from NOW. Van is 8 weeks.

Land Family said...

I fell your pain. I remember when I used to think that just Eva was difficult. Now, it is a piece of cake to take just one. I can't even imagine adding a third. Hang in there. I would like to say it gets easier, but my firm belief is that it doesn't get easier, just different.

Tricia said...

It gets a little easier.....when they get older. And having two will seem like a piece of cake when you see people with three + kids.

And some people say after three, it doesn't matter how many more you have because it's all the same....chaos.

I'm not brave enough to venture out and see if it's true or not. ;) I'm gonna sit here with my two kids and take "those people's" word for it.

sue ;-P said...

Ah, come on, some of you are pretty screwed up.

cat+tadd said...

Oh fine, you win.