Thursday, August 7, 2008

Conversations with a 3 Year Old - Part VIII

If you look closely, he has a black eye on the left.
How? I socked him in the face when he had an accident in his unders.
No, just kidding.
He was throwing a fit at Aunt Jacque's house and rammed into a table.
Good one, Son.

I have a SIL named Shelley who is very great with child. She will be adding a female to my state-of-the-art collection of nieces and nephews by the end of the month. I am quite excited because the Ingram Family of Baby Machines just added three new boys, mine being one of them. So a little girl is very welcomed.

A few mornings ago, I was talking to Jack about how excited I was.

Me: in an overly-excited, high pitched, obnoxious voice “Jack! You get to have a new cousin!!! Are you so excited for Aunt Shelley and Uncle Jacob’s new baby?!”

Jack: in a very no-nonsense way “Mom, it is not a toy.”

Well well, so sorry Mr. Serious. Spoil sport.


Jones Family said...

I'm in love with Jack's tie. I just love it when little boys dress up like little men... too cute. No worries about the black eye... It makes him look tough!

Morgan said...

ha ha ha.

cat+tadd said...

So awesome.

Jodi Jean said...

DUH!! didn't you know that, how lame that jack had to point it out!