Monday, August 18, 2008

Expecto Patronum

This onesie was from Ruth. I find it quite ironic that it has a sparrow on it. How did Ruth know my patronus is a sparrow?

You don’t have to answer yet, but what is YOUR patronus? Think about it if you don’t know yet. This question isn’t easily answered, so take your time. Return and report when you are ready.

You don’t know what a patronus is? That means you haven’t read “Harry Potter”. I am a self-proclaimed “Harry Potter” missionary, so please read it.


meg said...

She is a Harry Potter fanatic. Let's be clear here. For those of you that have a strong testimony of Twilight, meet Whitney; her testimony of Harry Potter is stronger than yours could ever be.

Crush on Edward? Yeah right.

It's Harry for Whit.

And I'd be a Yorkie. I'd be my dog.

sue ;-P said...


And Whit- how do you feel about the pushed back release date for the next movie?

Yeah, me too.

sue ;-P said...

Lauren: Tiger (NOT a Liger)

Kate said...

Great question! I've never thought about it, but will be sure to give it some thought in the next few days.

I've always felt a connection to Harry Potter because we share the same birthday, and because I've loved all the books.

SallieB said...

Definitely a small red fox.

Oh, and Meg. Did you hear that HP got delayed also because of Twilight? they said they wanted to release in the summer because twilight would be competition in the winter.

Valerie said...

Praying mantis, very cool insect!

Jodi Jean said...

such a cute onsie!!

i've never thought about what my patronus would be ... hmmmm. now i'm gonna have to think about this.

and i LOVE HP ... i re-read them all when the last one came out, start to finish. fabulous!! (what a great way to spend my time while nursing ... me and HP hanging out!!)

Tricia said...

goodness.... I'm listening to a full dissertation right this minute, from my seven-year old about what in the world a patronus is......

i'll get back to you on this.

Nicole Shelby said...

a turtle.

the symbology of motherhood is there.
the awkward body - yet complete swimming grace
and for other reasons...

plus...i aspire to the laid-back-ed-ness of crush from finding nemo.

Jodi Jean said...

alrighty then ... dang you're bossy ... and threatening (sheesh!!)

my fave animal is a penguin, but it seems so lame and like it wouldn't protect me from anything ... but there it is.

that being said, my hubby's patronus would be some sort of fish, which i'm assuming is even LAME-ER!!

Kar said...

I finally figured out what my patronus would be, this has taken me months, but it would be a penguin. Don't ask me why though, I actually think that's kind of an embarrassing one, but nevertheless, it fits.