Wednesday, August 20, 2008

He's mine, all mine

The other day, a cute old lady with white cotton candy hair, asked me in her thick Brooklyn accent, “Is that baby for sale? I want to buy him from you.”

I said no.

Wouldn’t you?


cat+tadd said...

I just packed up my apartment, gassed up my car, and I'm moving to Rancho to be with this little man every second of the day. Oh, can I live with you?

Sweet Pea Chef said...

I love me some baby boys. That sounds bad...

You know what I mean, I am head over heels with my two little men and your little one is just sweeter than pie.

He is adorable, simply adorable.

Haley Hall said...

I am with Caitlyn. We are coming. He is freaking adorable.

Jodi Jean said...

oh how i love his 1 dimple smile!! and those rolls ... i wanna spread some butter on him and eat him up! i can't wait to see what my little one will look like ... hmmmm

Morgan said...

what the???
no, i'd for sure keep him.

rookie cookie said...

Cat, of course you can live with me. You can sleep on the trundle in Jack's room and he can wake you up every morning around 7:00. Cool?

Sweet Pea, yes boys are the best. Aren't we lucky? We both have 3 boyfriends. Someone to always love up.

Haley, I wish you would.

Morgan, half the fun of having a new baby is the crazies that can't get enough of them.