Monday, August 4, 2008

They are setting us up to fail

Read this article about kid's meals at restaurants. It seems a little uncomforting, don't you think? No wonder America's kids are obese.

What ideas do you have for having your kids eat a decent meal at a restaurant? Comment and let your ideas be heard, or read:)


Morgan said...

Holy crap.
I'm idea-less. Don't take your kids out to eat? Uh.... that's all I got.

Jennypenny said...

I cringe when I see the choices on most Kid's Menus. And then they give huge portion sizes! And who thinks that mac-n cheese with a side of fries is a well balanced meal? Here's what I do: I always take fruit with me when we eat out, since not all places offer fruit as a side. It's usually a snack size of applesauce, or I throw some fresh fruit into a small bowl. And I also usually share my dinner with him. My son is 2 1/2 so I can still get away with this since he's young, but since portions are so large, we'll probably be able to keep doing this for awhile.

Tricia said...

I was going to say what Morgan said....don't take them.

And if you do, don't order fries for everyone.....share an order between all of you.

We hate, hate, hate McDs, and most other places. We get bean and cheese burritos at Bakers, Burgers and In-N-Out, and now and then, nuggets (nuggets make me cringe) at Chik-Fil-A. I rarely order fries....just fruit on the side (but that's a total joke......expensive!), and I make my kids order ice water instead of soda, even when they beg for it.

So you've definitely touched a nerve for me....I hate fast food and we've been trying very hard the past few months, especially, to eat mostly at home, even when we're hungry and out somewhere.

Jones Family said...

May I brag that my kids have only had McDonald's twice in their life, one with their aunt and the other with their Grandma. I chose not to eat or feed my kids fast food.

I can count on one hand the times I've been in a drive thru in the past year.

However, I do enjoy going out to eat. I order a dinner; which is way to high in calories for me and split it. My favorite is getting the 3-combo plate at Mexican restaurants. I just ask for 2 extra plates.

Did you know McDonald's has kids meals and "BIG" kid meals? I hate McDonald's!!!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

We just avoid fast food like the plague. Sometimes it is necessary, then I try and placate myself by getting only white milk and the fruit side, no fries.

I am a huge avoider of Mickey-Ds in if we do get fast food, it is either Wendy's (first company to ban trans fats, if I am not mistaken) or Chik-fil-A.

Jones Family said...

Yea on the Wendy's and Chik-fil-a. Those are our family's top choices too. I am so sick of Subway's $5 sandwiches... blah!!!