Friday, September 5, 2008

And the lucky volunteer is….

After consulting, here is our lucky brownie volunteer:
Tasha in Tennessee!!!
So Tasha, e-mail me and give me your address.

To all you losers, I mean people-that-didn’t-get-picked, don’t worry. I think I will do this again. It was fun to see who volunteered. It is also fun to see who has been a peeping into my blog windows.

Now Tasha, I expect a full report on how those brownies survived the trip to Tennessee. I am going to need to know if they came in crumbles or in one piece. I am also going to need to know if they tasted any good. I will need this to be your best piece of writing. I need descriptions baby!

If this shipping thing works, I am going to make this into a monthly thing. It will be fun to see where Rookie’s brownies end up next. It could be YOUR house.


Shanicherie said...

My husband will be gravely disappointed! But I fully support the monthly activity! Hope all is well with you and your cute family!

ruth said...

I like this idea. Any thing for brownies!!!

Gina Rochelle said...

Dang you Tasha :)

Jodi Jean said...

how in the world did i miss free brownies?? although i guess i could always drive south for 2 blocks and break in and steal some ... hmmmmm

rookie cookie said...

Shanie, yes, I hope to be able to make this a monthly deal. I am not going to lie, I make a mean brownie.

Ruth, ANYTHING for brownies? What about running down the street naked? You never know what I will require for these babies:)

Gina, I know. Mean old Tasha keeping all the brownies for herself. I agree with you. I didn't even get to taste them.

Jodi, you could. But my fierce 3 year old would nip at your ankles and make you crazy and try and get you to play cars with him. Trust me, just stay home.