Thursday, September 4, 2008

More from above Baseline

More observations from the daily shake down.

The graphitic stylings of K8O and TDK. As hard as Rancho Cucamonga tries, they can’t keep up with these guys. K8O prefers the sidewalk and writing in what looks like snot. I think he makes him a pretty wimpy gangster. Snot, K80? You are not tough. TDK is a little better. He uses those paint markers on light poles. But before you know it, the Rancho Cucamonga city gremlins come with their black spray paint and shut him down.

Lampy from “Pete’s Dragon”. He rides a bike. He has gained a little weight since the movie in 19whatever, but he still looks the same. And he also got a diamond stud earring and a tattoo on his forearm. But it’s him, I promise.

The guy with the rear-view mirror on his bike. I see this guy every morning, no matter what. He cruises by with a gleeful smile and leaves a scent of Stetson. But he has a rear-view mirror and I KNOW he is watching my bootylicious as I pass by.

Dog galore. Small dogs, big dogs, ugly dogs, skinny dogs, smart dogs, pretty dogs, and all of them stupid dogs. I am not a big dog fan. If one of those dogs bites me, I will sue the pants off their owner mostly because of the humiliation factor. I will have to go to the ER and I will smell like BO from sweating my guts out during my workout.

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