Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Van Delicious

He loves the hedgehog mobile. And so do I.

Do you or have you ever had a 3 month old baby? If so, then you know what phase Ethan and I are in. You know the phase, the one where we are so in love. We are willing to do just about anything to make the little thing smile. We look like a couple fools trying to get even the tiniest toothless, right-sided dimple grin to be produced by that little mouth. Ethan is the worst. He sits with the Van and makes loud, obnoxious groaning noises and Van does it back. If someone was to walk in, they would think that Ethan was deranged.

This phase is when Ethan and I want to have lots of these little babies. More than anything, we are so glad we had Van when we did. He came at the perfect moment for our family. Van is Big Foot Ethan's couch buddy. When Ethan is starting to get frustrated about his giant foot and the pain accompanying it, he hangs out with Van a little bit and all is well.


eRiCa said...

I dig the mobile and the age your little Van is at currently. But I promise you it does get even better ...just wait.

Jodi Jean said...

how fun ... 3 months is definately a good stage. i'm glad he could help ethan with his recovery! sooooooo dang cute!!

cat+tadd said...

I want to EAT him

Just Sue said...

How in the heck did you take that picture? I'm pretty sure it wasn't Ethsan that took it unless he is 7 feet tall.

ruth said...

I know I LOVE babies!! If i could just skip the pregnancy part.

Emily said...

love this phase!

rookie cookie said...

Erica, it is getting better everyday.

Jodi, he is so good for Ethan. Very uplifting.

Cat, you are sick, just sick.

Aunt Sue, I took these pills I got from Walgreens that make you legs grow longer for a few hours and then they shrink back. I took some for this picture.

Ruth, poor Ruth. I promise I will never mention me never throwing up when I was pregnant both times.

Emily, I love that both our boys are almost the exact same age. Same milestones. Is Charlie rolling over yet? Van is taking forever on that.