Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lumber jack, hockey player, mountain man, creepy stalker, crazed terrorist, whatever you choose.

This is us. My boys, my honey and me. Notice Ethan's mountain man beard. It is out of control, right? Well, that is his rebellion. He has decided that he won't shave until he can walk on his foot. And that probably won't happen until mid-December. At first, I thought it was funny. And then he was serious and the beard is now out of control.

So what is my Christmas wish? Ethan gets to walk so that he can shave.

No, you aren't color blind. That is a hot pink cast.
Ethan's doctor wanted to add glitter to it, but he said no.
Party pooper.


ruth said...

Call me crazy but I like the beard.

cat+tadd said...

I super love that top pic. Lil Jack's tie and the flower, the pink peeking between Jack's legs, sleeping Van on your tata's, all of it.

birdonthelawn said...

i love it!

Jones Family said...

I am not a fan of facial hair. Maybe he feels more manly with facial hair when he has a hot pink cast. He should have put glitter on it. BTW I love little boys in white shirts and ties. Jack is adorable, even though it looks like he is being tortured to take this picture. You should take a vote on what Ethan looks like.

beck said...

I love that your wish is so that he can walk so that he can shave his beard, not that he will shave his beard.

rookie cookie said...

Ruth, who's side are you on?

Kitty, I love it to. I promise I wasn't pulling Jack's sissy hairs. I was fixing his tie.

Bird, love it huh? I think you should take some pix of my family.

Jones, the beard is so much worse now than in this picture. And yes, little boys in shirts and ties is great. Like little missionaries.

Beck, thank you for being on my side. Nice to see I still have some Rancho support out there.