Friday, October 10, 2008


This weekend is supposed to bring a cold front, the kind that cause snow to fall. I am not ready for that. They should have given me more time to prepare. I don't know where my socks are and I don't know where Ethan's big sweatshirt is (for me). They should send out some type of e-mail a few weeks ahead of time. I just want to be prepared!

This bring me to a questions that has been perplexing me for a few weeks. What do you do with little kids when there is too much snow outside and you can't go anywhere? I am coming from a go-to-the-park-year-round climate. What am I going to do with an antsy toddler when he can't do that?


Gina Rochelle said...

My blog clan was wondering the same thing. Here's what they came up with:
Of course we're not dealing with snow. I'm from Nevada and living in Georgia now so I agree, we need a good month's notice to prepare for that mysterious white stuff

Morgan said...

scissors, glue and construction paper.

heather said...

time to bust out the crafts...

Sweet Pea Chef said...

A couple ideas from sometimes-snowy Ohio:

Find an indoor play area at a local mall, (eck) fast food restaurant or childrens' museum. Visit often in the winter.

Do a dance party. It never ceases to amaze me how totally "into" R and G get about dancing their socks off...we even blow up balloons and play "don't let it hit the floor."

Do an animal safari. Turn off the lights, give the boys flashlights (when Van is older) and hide stuffed animals around the house.

Make tent with sheets and go camping inside. Even have a picnic on the floor.

Other ideas:
Library Story Time
B&N or Borders Story Time
Go to the mall and let them run
AND if all else fails:
go outside and play in the snow!

Hope this helps...

rookie cookie said...

Gina, thanks for the link. Great ideas.

Morgan, and what happens after that?

Heather, easy for you to say, 80-degree-winter-weather-Orange-County-punk.

Sweet Pea, you will with the most ideas. THANK YOU! Those will all be used for sure!