Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunny Day

I like Sundays. I like them for the obvious reason (church) and that it is meant to be a day of rest. But with the DAY of Sunday being a day of rest, what about the night? Usually, Sunday evenings mean family and food. And that is what last night was like.

I made dinner and then dessert, which was chocolate peanut butter bars that Caitlyn didn't like. Imbecile. Who just doesn't like chocolate and peanut butter together? That combo is a celestial marriage.

After eating and tidying up (which I never do because I am the talent), we embarked on the World Series of Rummikub (while Jack spent a lot of time in Time Out because he screams like a girl way too much). Nicholas Nickleby (Mallory's lover) claimed he had been training for this moment since the Reagan administration. J Dizzle Hall (that is his name in my phone) also claimed that he always wins games at the Peterson home. Little did they know that I am the Rummikub Queen. I may be the Rookie Cookie, but I ain't no Rummikub Rookie. So who won?

I did say that I am the talent.

So I like Sundays. I don't clean up after dinner and then I clean up in Rummikub, suckas!

p.s. Your welcome for all the parenthesis. (I hope you liked them).


Mallory said...

Please, you won by a hair.

Mike and Jill said...

Am I missing something here? Where is your recipe for the chocolate/peanut butter bars? Which by the way, is certainly a match made in HEAVEN!
And I can't remember if I have said this before or not? With 2 kids I have zero brain, I adore you and your blog! You are awesome! And I'm not just saying that cause you post yummy stuff for me to make!

Jodi Jean said...

hehe ... you crack me up whitney!!

aidan screams like a girl too much as well, one of these days he needs to learn to listen, and i need to find a way to discipline him that works. ugh!