Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Our brand of excitement? No bowling or corn mazes. No movies or restaurants.

Wind farms. We like wind farms. We are amazed at how humongous the windmills are. We like to listen to the way the blades cut through the air.

We are simple folk. Doesn't take much for us to be entertained.


Sweet Pea Chef said...

Hey, I get it. They're like giant helicopters on their sides. Big fun. Too bad they are not in downtown Columbus. Boo hoo.

Jones Family said...

Good to see that your mountain man husband has shaved!

M said...

That's the kind of fun we like around here too...I mean did you see that we drove around looking at houses and called it a date. Bet wind mills are even more fun!

Tricia said...

THose things totally freak me out. Don't know why. When I saw them for the first time (two years ago).....they were like ALIENS! Rows and rows of three-armed aliens....with red lights on top. lol.