Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Confessions of a high school trouble maker

My sister Megan has embarked on a series of confessions from her high school escapades. I want to do that same. Maybe this will clear some things off my plate of conscience.

Dear Alan Godinez,
I am sorry I egged your house. I am sure it was a huge mess to clean up.

Dear Provo City Cop,
Sorry for lying about egging Alan's house. I knew you would figure me out the moment the lie came spewing from my lips.

Dear Clay Barnes,
Thank you for telling me where the Juvenile Court was. You seemed to know where it was like you knew where your house was.

Dear Heather Snow and Matt Holyoak,
Sorry for helping my nameless friend spy on you guys while you were watching a movie one night. Nameless friend had a major crush on Matt and I think we were just waiting to see some action. I think I remember my nameless friend leaving a makeup face mark on your window.

Dear Garrett Rose,
Sorry for toilet papering your house all the time with Desi.

Dear Tyler Jarman,
I am really sorry for tattling on you for throwing that tire iron through the back of Trent Beesley's car.
p.s. Trent, why were you hanging out with junior girls in high school when you were at least 21 years old?

Dear Brad Cherry,
Sorry for throwing bags of leaves all over your car. We couldn't let all those leaves just go to waste!

Dear Provo High School,
So sorry for peeing on the 50 yard line with Gentree Hope and Ashley Stice. We felt like we had to "leave our mark" as graduating seniors.

Dear Royce King and Kyle Kinateder,
Sorry for spying on you. Stefanie, Melissa and I got a real kick out of you guys talking about wanting summer girlfriends.

Dear all the boys in Jamie's hot tub,
Sorry for spying on you too. There was something so exhilarating about spying back then.

Dear John Taylor,
I am sorry I swiped your back pack and almost got you suspended because of late homework. But I did give it back, so don't hate me.

Dear Lucy Clark,
Sorry for that lame Spanish Fork kid breaking your window. Totally unintentional.

Dear Korby Ercanbrack,

Sorry for doorbell ditching you all the time. We just wanted to see your mom who was rumored to look like Barbie.

Dear Everyone at the Stomp
aka Dance,
Sorry for throwing pellet ice down all your shirts. It was dark and Desi, Stefanie and I just couldn't resist.

Dear Travis Bushman,

I'm sorry for making your car alarm go off all the time. It was just too funny to watch you flip out every time that would happen.

I think that about covers it. Why do most of those involve boys? Looks like someone was screaming for attention.


Morgan said...

Ha! I love it.
such great memories.

tempted to follow suit. not sure i feel like revisiting most of those days though. :) oh boy.

very entertaining. I hope you are forgiven by each offendee.

My crazy crazy life said...

Super funny! Good times. I need to do this but not sure I could jog my memories...I've been out of high school for 19 years...EGAD!!!

Tina Bee. said...

Haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Brings back awesome memories.

Sorry for laughing really hard when you fell backwards off the fence at the football game.

Kar said...

Gross. I do not want to hear about my role model big sister, mother of soon to be 3, peeing on the 50 yard line. Tsk tsk Ash.

Rae said...

This was absolutely hysterical!! You WERE a bad girl! Peeing on the 50 yard line? A Barbie doll mom? What a life you had!!!

Ashley said...

What?! These are not my confessions! Why couldn't I be an "anonymous friend?" You have ruined my perfect reputation!

Cheryl Fowers said...

There are way more you didn't tell! I can totally remember a few! Maybe we will keep those power boxing incidences for a later post. Good memories!