Friday, November 7, 2008

Remember this little thing?

This is Van. Go ahead, make a comment and tell me you agree that he is really adorable.

Van is almost 5 months old. In his spare time, Van likes to melt my heart.

Currently, Van's life consists of:
Learning how to grab things and put them into his mouth.
Practicing the skill of eating rice cereal.

Sleeping all night.

Laughing at no one else but his older brother.

This boy is a dream come true. He makes me so excited to have another. I'm not so sure I will be waiting another two years like I planned. Although we might have some problems. Ethan and I name our children years before they come. But, we have hit a dead end. He doesn't like my girl name and I don't like his boy name. And we aren't about to make any babies until they are named.


Marie Stott said...

Don't you love hoodies on little ones? That is the basis of Cora's wardrobe.

Katie said...

He's so freakin' cute! Can't wait until I have one!

Kar said...

He really is adorable.

I really came over to comment on how much I freakin hate all this Twilight blogging that everyone's doing. I knew you'd understand.

kalinapp said...

So sad that I am missing watching him grow up!! He is getting so big and I am sure that wonderful smile of his is just getting bigger by the day. You and Ethan make cute kids. I have to suggest a girl's name, nobody loves it but me. Liberty...and call her Libby!

cat+tadd said...

I am not exaggerating when I say he makes my heart ache. I just want to have him all to myself FOREVER.

Andrea said...

How sweet is that pic! We need to get he and Easton together, and then Jack and Bailey can play! Come visit us!!!! Use visiting Megan as the excuse and then do a road trip!

Jones Family said...

You should have named him mini jack

Tasha Allen said...

He is WAY adorable!!