Wednesday, December 3, 2008

La Tolteca in Azusa, CA

One thing on my list of SoCal to-do's was a trip to La Tolteca in Azusa. It is so darn good- holla if you hear me! To La Tolteca we went and we ate and we became satisfied.

My lunch was so good that I had to give Jack a little squeeze.

One of the best parts of having little babies is introducing new foods to them.
Here is Van trying to figure out how to swallow rice.

Besides having an awesome new building, La Tolteca has an incredibly efficient system of ordering. Their salsa is fresh everyday as are their chips and tortillas. Ethan had the opportunity to cater the wedding for one of the La Tolteca hot shots. Whenever she would meet with Ethan, she would bring him dinner. And then he would come home telling me tales of carne asada, fresh guacamole and beef enchiladas. Any for me? Not a crumb. Mean.


Tonya said...

I grew up on that place...everytime we would go visit my grandma who lives in Azusa, we would do a La Tolteca trip...those chips, salsa, guac, and bean and cheese burritos are a family tradition!

Just stumbled on your blog somehow...loving all yummy recipes...only wish I had energy to try them!

MamaDonna said...

That sounds really good, maybe I'll go there for lunch today..... its been too long since I've been there and I drive past it all the time. I love that place. Its important to note that the mexican restaurant across the street (Carmen's) uses La Tolteca chips and salsa. That's how good they are.

Jodi Jean said...

hmmm ... never heard of it. might have to check it out.

it was good seeing ya and visiting for a bit!

Morgan said...

van is one handsome little guy, look at those adorable dimples.
and you definitely have bangin' bangs. you're hair couldn't be any better.

kalinapp said...

I just missed you there by one freaking day!! I was there on Tuesday having my beloved carne asada burrito with chips and salsa. Can I say HEAVEN!! Miss you guys.

Shauna said...
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