Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chocolatey Birthday

Ethan had a birthday last week. Very low key. His perfect day consisted of reading a book while cracking sunflower seeds and drinking a diet Coke. Kind of disappointing. I told him if that is fun to him, he is getting old.

The cake decorating was left up to Son One. I think he did a smashing job, don't you? Click here for the recipe I used. It was the perfect birthday chocolate cake. Dense enough to be a layer cake and so moist and chocolatey.


Jones Family said...

Jack did an awesome job! I love how he focused his attention on the middle of the cake for all the sprinkles.

Happy Birthday Ethan!

PS. What ever happened to those blueberry cinnamon swirls?

Ingrid said...

Your guys are handsome!

Happy B-day to your honey!