Thursday, January 22, 2009

Plugging Link

I have two links to plug.

Did you know I am now a published author? I want the world to know. It takes my pride levels to a new high. Click here for the new blog book "Something Cleverish", benefiting Stephanie Nielson.

Is your blog ugly? Mine isn't, because of Megan of Knuckleheaders. She isn't some hack graphic designer. Did you know she is my sister? Amazing huh? Entertainment is reading her blog and enjoying how outspoken she is. Then the other fun part is reading uptight people's comments. Some people need to loosen up a bit.

She isn't that bold in real life. In real life, she is quiet, reserved and doesn't have an opinion on anything. She actually has five kids and she does cloth diapers. And she eats LOTS of meat. It's actually all she eats. We can't get her to stop.

I love you Megan Magillicutty.


Mal Robin said...

Wow, if people only knew how outrageous that last paragraph is.... ha. If you believe that, you have never met Megan....

My crazy crazy life said...

I ordered a book. I can't wait to get it!

And for your sister, I'm just like her. I'm definitely funnier on the internet, than in person...but I'm for sure just as outspoken and loud in person...that part...I can't waiver on.

I just went and read her post...OMG, hilarious! I can't believe she admitted to that. She is FOR SHO keeping it real

meg said...

I just enjoyed the most amazing philly cheesesteak sandwich. Actually, I had to order two because my twin boys demolished my first sandwich.

Gotta go. Baby's crying and I have a bunch of cloth diapers to go wash.

Land Family said...

hey tell your sister, and anyone else you know we just bought a website selling cloth diapers ( in case they want to buy some. PS we always think of you guys when Yo Gabba Gabba comes on. My kids love it.