Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stupid Bowl

I am not a fan of the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has ruined my birthday a couple of times. February 1st is a real gamble. I never know if my birthday will be good or not. This year, I drew the unlucky card and the Super Bowl is on my birthday. There goes my one day a year to be extra special.

Although I am bitter, I know there are some of you that are not and you love the Stupid Bowl- sorry, I mean Super Bowl. It just slips out sometimes.

Here are some ideas for some good eats/man food on Super Bowl Sunday.

Caramel Popcorn
Onion Rings
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches with Classic Coleslaw
Rookie Cookie's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Tater Salad
Bruschetta Pesto Burgers
Obama Family Chili
Brownies for Ice Cream Sundaes
Teriyaki Kababs
Fresh Strawberry Milkshakes
Cindy's Avocado Salsa
Mahogany Chicken Wings
Supreme Pizza Pasta Salad

So enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday. Think of me when Kobe Bryant makes a goal. Or whatever.


T&C said...

My salsa made it to the list, I feel famous :)

Morgan said...

i feel you. the inauguration steals my thunder every four years. or eight or whatever.
i'll think of you and be sure to wish you a happy day.

Morgan said...

oh oh. and we had that very same carne asada last sunday for dinner.
sooooo good.

My crazy crazy life said...

Yeah, I hear ya. My anniversary is January 29th and I want to go out of town every year and my husband always wants to go to Stupid Bowl parties. It totally interferes with my love life! I hate football but on a lighter note, I'm from Arizona so GOOOOO CARDINALS!!!

Ingrid said...

HA! Just you wait, it will only get better for you. You have two little guys that will grow into two big guys that will more than likely love the Stupid Bowl! LOL! One of the Twins is a sports FANATIC and has been since the day he was born! Neither one of the twins had toys...they had sporting equipment. Hope yours are not quite as bad and that they don't learn how to set ALL the TVs to automatically turn on to ESPN when you press the power button! Yes, mine did that!

Hope you're still able to enjoy your special day!

Kalli Ko said...

hey listen, cheer for my brother (#99 on the Steelers) and maybe a personal connection (or blog connection) will make you feel better. and at least the superbowl is an excuse to gorge yourself silly. holiday enough for me!

rabidrunner said...

They all want you to cook on your birthday, don't they..?

Mal Robin said...

I will be making her cake.. but she will stand over me and tell me what to do.. so really she is making her cake... Oh well.

heather said...

i'm not a fan of the super bowl either whit. my favorite part are the commercials.

meg said...

Can someone please explain to me what this Super Bowl thing is?

I feel so out of the loop.