Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Almost 4

Son One on animals and what they eat.

What do cows eat?
What do horses eat?
What do pigs eat?
What do chickens eat?
What do dogs eat?
Cat food
What do cats eat?
Cat food
What do turtles eat?
Cat food
What does Baby Van eat?
What does Daddy eat?
Sunflower seeds
What do lady bugs eat?
What do lions eat?
What do tigers eat?

Right now in my head I am thinking,
"What in the hell? Do I really almost have a 4 year old?"
Two more summers and the infant is off to school.


Elizabeth said...

First of all, his name is Jack so he must be cool.

I know, I have a son named Jack, too. Aren't they the greatest?!

Jones Family said...

He has got the greatest imagination. Yea for kindergarten! I can't wait to be home all by myself!

Morgan said...

tell me about it.
ellie starts kindergarten next year.
big fat boo.
i'm too young to have a kindergartener.
i'm so glad that lions eat tigers. that's such a relief.

rabidrunner said...

This is totally off the subject, but have you seen the previews for this?

The Chopping Block

meg said...

What's especially great about this Jack being a "Jack" is that he was named for his grandpa (and HIS dad and HIS dad), and Grandpa Jack is equally as whacky.

Perhaps it's in the name.