Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grabby McGee

Van's a professional grabber.

He grabs everything with such vigor and vim. He is determined and busy. He can't hold still and if his hands are empty, he isn't happy. Have an 8 month old? Sound familiar?

8:00 AM - Awake. He immediately grabs for my hair.
8:30 AM - Breakfast. Difficult to feed him his bran and bananas. He wants to grab the spoon, but he settles on taking the food out of his mouth so he can grab that.
9:00 AM - Bottle. Van is totally satisfied because he has a bottle in his hands AND in his mouth.
9:30 AM - Get dressed. Can hardly wipe his little rear because he won't stop trying to grab the wipe. He beats me to the punch and grabs the clean diaper and tastes it for good measure.
10:00 AM - Nap. Grabbing his blanket and draping it over his face.
11:30 AM - Play. Give him a box of toys. Grabs for the plastic cow. Satisfied for a little while, but then wants to grab puzzle pieces instead.
11:32 AM - Move him over to the puzzles. On the way, he grabs my hair and sucks on it.
11:33 AM - Satisfied by puzzles, but not before grabbing my earrings.
12:30 PM - Lunch. Sit in his high chair and grabs a towel on the counter. Towel has drying pots and pans on it. Pots and pans coming crashing onto the floor. Scares the living day lights out of Jack.
12:31 PM - Eat pureed potatoes. Once again, grabs food out of his mouth to play with it.
12:45 PM - Bottle. Again, totally satisfied with both hands and mouth being occupied.
1:00 PM - Sit on the kitchen floor while I clean up lunch. Within 15 minutes, grabs spatula, small cutting board, plastic lids, spice containers, wooden spoon, Jack's sock, and measuring spoons.
1:15 PM - Move to the living room floor. Not interested in baby toys. Interested in grabbing the buttons on my sweater, my necklace, my hair and socks.
2:00 PM - Afternoon nap. Grabbing his blanket and draping it over is face.
4:00 PM - Helping fold laundry. Grabs socks, pants, laundry basket and dryer sheet.
4:45 PM - Sit on the kitchen floor while I make dinner. Within 15 minutes, grabs small pot, plastic lid, cups, towels, whisk, tongs and measuring spoons.
5:00 PM - Passed off to Grandma in the office. Grabs paper, markers, binder clips, page protector, pencil and tape roll. Get busted for grabbing the dog's tail.
5:45 PM - Dinner. Grabbing the tabbouleh and then dropping it on the floor. Dog happy to help clean up.
6:15 PM - Bath. Grabbing the bathmat. Grabbing the hair on the bathmat. Grabbing the toilet paper roll.
6:20 PM - In the tub. Grabbing the rubber duck, shampoo bottle, sponge, wash cloth, Jack's head and toes. Splashing water everywhere.
7:00 PM - Bottle. Dozing off as he grabs his bottle.
7:15 PM - Grabbing my shirt collar as he hums himself to sleep.
7:16 PM - Asleep. Grabbing his blanket and draping it over his face.

One thing he grabbed from the get-go: my heart.
I love that little boy.


Ryan and Tammy said...

I can't help but comment..sounds just like my little man. Except he reaches for the dirty diper not the wipe. Little boys are the best things ever. Oh ya found a red velvet cake that rocks, thank you paula dean

My crazy crazy life said...

I have a 14 month old..pretty sure they are from the same planet...he grabs everything. In fact my little one has found something to grab every time I change his diaper and when he's in the bath and it's not the diaper or the wipe...YIKES!

bird on the lawn said...

stinkin kid. I like him very very much. His growl

Kar said...

That's a really cute picture. I think you need to come visit Ash, but make sure I'm home too.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

He looks so innocent, yet slightly guilty in this picture...sort of like, "what, me??" :) I love it.

Haley Hall said...

Why is he so damn cute?!

heather said...

wendy is TOTALLY Grabby McGrabber too! I LOVE it when she grabs onto my hair. I even have to use TWO wash clothes to give her a bath (one to use & one to let her grab). i miss baby van.