Monday, February 2, 2009


Tonight's the night.
Come come come come come come come come come.
I'll be there. Look for me.
In case you have never seen me,
this is what I look like:


My crazy crazy life said...

HA! Nice mug shot! I don't live in Utah or I would be's a great cause...Stephanie is why I blog today. Have fun!

j & j dish it out said...

Hey W,
Go check out my web site and see my new present. I'm stoked!!! Now if I can just get the Le Cruseut that we both want..HA! Fat chance I'm only took 15 years to get this thing. You photo is cracking me up!

Tricia said...

happy birthday yesterday, miss rookie the cookie! I hope it was a great day and you partied like a rock star. we had carne asada and a lot of diet coke in your honor yesterday. (well, not really in your honor....but its a good story...) anyway, just wanted to wish you a happy twentysomething-ish. :) love trish

AzĂșcar said...

See you there!

beck said...

bum deal... i will be in town in 2 more weeks and will be there for a stinkin month! why did we pick the coldest month to spend a month in utah? i don't know.

Morgan said...

you are hot my dear.
please post and give a recap on the concert for those of us who couldn't attend!