Monday, March 2, 2009

Food Face - Megan Romo

Megan Romo aka Remarks From Sparks. She is the most opinionated, outspoken blogger around. Either you love her or hate her. I happen to love her. For those of you wondering, she really is that sassy in real life.

So, what does a yoga addicted, vegan minded, pharmaceutical toting, Yorkie snuggling, Mac loving blogger/graphic designer like to dine on? See below.

What foods do you remember most from your childhood?
Pizza. My mom's homemade pizza, to be precise. When teeny, saucy Grandma Sally (Mom's mom) died, the dishes of hers I remembered and missed were her spaghetti and meatloaf. My mom is 80 years from her death bed (hear that, Mom? No dying allowed), but I went veg and her pizza is perhaps the only thing I actually miss from my omnivore days.
It's raining cats and dogs and it's freezing outside.
What do you want to fill your belly with?
What's wrong with me? I don't have hot-days/cold-days foods. If I want soup on a hot day, I eat soup, darnit. If I want ice cream on a cold day, I freakin' go for it.

What is your favorite restaurant?
It's not a restaurant, but I love Whole Foods. I love it because I feel at home there. When we were deciding whether or not to take the move to Reno I made a pro and con list. "Doesn't have a Whole Foods" was on my con list. And then a year later, Reno was good enough to build me one. When I go out of town for work, the first thing I do after getting my rental car is head to the nearest Whole Foods for groceries and eats from their food bars. I go there for lunch two or three days a week, and The Husband and I often grab dinner there. And if I've been out of town, when The Husband picks me up from the airport, we drive right over to the Whole Foods to get me some fresh sustenance.

Where is your ultimate food destination?

Can I say My Backyard? I have a backyard that I'm not using for anything at all, so per Michael Pollan, I'm thinking why not turn it into lettuce and radishes and tomatoes and cucumbers? But not zucchini. Don't like zucchini so much. If not My Backyard, then the eastern Mediterranean. If you ignore the lamb, other meats, and prolific feta, the food I'm happiest with is from that region.

When feverishly designing logos and beautifying blogs,

what fuel keeps you going?
These days, it's fallafel, hummus, pita and Rice Dream pies. If I'm spending a Saturday holed up in my office dragging this here, dropping that there, and vectorizing that thing, Mark will often sneak out, make the 30-minute drive downtown and surprise me with my favorite spicy hummus, pita, dry vegan fallafel, and a couple Rice Dream pies (so I can have one again tomorrow!). That's love right there. (I'm quite sure it's love when he'll go into Whole Foods to get all that stuff for me and will then drive across the parking lot to Wendy's and buy himself a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger and a Frosty Float. Really gotta work on that . . . )


rabidrunner said...

One of Megan's most memorable posts (at least to me) is the one where she drove by the Whole Foods construction site daily - in anticipation of it's grand opening.

Was it daily? Or thrice daily? I can't remember...

Ashley Thalman said...

I love her guts.
Love them.

cat+tadd said...

Could she really be this sassy in real life? Why yes, yes she can.