Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Eggies and Popsicles

Last week, Jack woke up and there was snow outside. He said to me, "Mom, I hate winter and I hate snow. I love spring, I love sun and I love Jesus."

I love Jesus too. And sun. I love driving with the windows down, while Van's blond hairs blow in the wind. I love pushing Van on the swings at the park. I don't love telling Jack to stop throwing bark at all the kids on the playground.

Today I have a new niece being born. Like right as I type this. When I go to Southern California in June, I will meet this new niece and another one. I hate that I am not there. Usually, I would have Ethan take the boys so I could go to the hospital and wait. But I very well cannot do that while I am two states away. Boo.

Besides today being New Niece Day, it is also Help Sister Clean Day. I have some sisters I owe favors to and one is cashing in today. I am actually excited to help her. She was incredible when I was moving and I want to be incredible while she is moving.

Today I am also going to try some of the popsicles I made yesterday. Popsicle Week is coming up and I made most of them yesterday. Last night I tried the Oreo chocolate pudding pop. Swell, that one was. I think for breakfast, I will have a strawberries n' cream popsicle.

Well, off to feed to children breakfast. No popsicles for them. It will probably be scrambled eggs. Jack calls them "new eggies" because I hadn't made eggs scrambled in a while and then when I did again, he would say they were the new eggs. Makes sense to me.

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cat+tadd said...

You absolutely were incredible! Couldn't have done it without you!