Tuesday, June 2, 2009

$7 Worth of Anxiety

I have this huge, irrational paranoia of spending money. Maybe it's because I have none. Maybe it's a good thing. Last week, on an afternoon trip to Wal-Mart (gasp) with sister Kitty, I splurged. I bought a $7 inflatable pool. I know, risky move spending that kind of dough. I will have anxiety over it for a week.

We got home just in time for naps. Two sweaty, tired boys went down and then I got the pool ready. Van's nap wasn't as long as I would have hoped, but it was fine. I could enjoy another hour or two with just him and no older brother hopping around for attention. So I introduced Van to the pool. And it was the cutest thing that I ever did see.

How do you like his wake up hair?
I was too excited about the pool to take the time to comb it.

Once the thrill of the pool subsided, my anxiety over $7 began. I fidgeted and worried and regretted my purchase. The next morning, Jack finally noticed the pool. He couldn't wait for the water to warm up so he could take an afternoon dip. Later, we were out on the patio next to the pool blowing bubbles. Jack happily popped bubbles and jumped around. And then while he was all caught up in bubble-popping, he fell face-first, fully-clothed into the pool. Most hilarious thing I have ever witnessed that kid doing. Then all the sudden, the pool was the best $7 ever spent.


Mal Robin said...

Best $7 spent. For sure.

rabidrunner said...

Hi. I'm here to tell you that you walk the talk and should promote yourself. As in put up some buttons to announce you've been nominated.

In other news, I had this nightmare last night.

I don't print any your recipes. I just fire up the rookie-cookie dot com when I'm cooking one of your creations. So in the dream, your web site WENT DOWN. As in no longer. And all those recipes were lost (at least to me). It was tragic. Woke me up in sweats and tears.

So promote yourself. It will provide longevity. I need you to be around a bunch longer. (And so does the family.)

meg said...

When Utah (and Nevada, I guess) legalizes same-sex marriage I'm first in line to wed Rabid. I love her.

Kalli Ko said...

you and me are one and the same about the money spending anxiety...

I'm losing my hair over the issue.

But a $7 pool is something I've definitely been looking into because I think the nub would go bananas!

cat+tadd said...

I always enjoy a good fully-clothed flop into a body of water.

If Meg is dead, as I anticipate her dying early due to her low antioxidant count, I call Rabid.

rabidrunner said...

You guys will be so disappointed when you finally meet me. Soooo very disappointed.

Interestingly enough, I rarely go back and look for remarks to my remarks on the Rookie blog. The internet cosmos was telling me to go back and look at the comments for yesterday's post.

Flattered. Not to be confused with "flattened" - although I'm that too.

Laura said...

No doubt!

Just stumbled upon your site. So glad I found you, will surely be back!

Jones Family said...

I love Van trying to eat the pool. He is getting so big!
I wish you had a picture of Jack falling into the pool.

I love your family posts!