Monday, June 22, 2009

Food Face - Veronica from Supermarket Serenade

There are so many exceptional food blogs out there. Veronica's Supermarket Serenade is one of them. I really love her concept of featuring a certain product in her recipes. I can tell she really puts a lot of thought into her recipes. And hey, she was even a finalist for Crisco's Live Smart, Cook Smarter recipe contest. She submitted a recipe for Caribbean Chicken with Roasted Jalapeno Mango Sauce. Click here for the recipe. It looks excellent.

Here is Veronica as the latest Food Face on Rookie Cookie:

What foods do you remember most from your childhood?
There are two foods I remember most from my childhood-my grandmother's oatmeal raisin cookies: moist but with slightly crisp edges. And my absolute favorite childhood food- the delicious granulated sugar coated jelly donuts my father would bring home in a plain white paper bag from some NYC bakery near work.

What foods can you not get enough of?
I can't get enough summer tomatoes, mango and avocado... alone, together, whatever.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Abbott's Lobster in the Rough in Noank, CT. Home to the ultimate Connecticut-style lobster roll... a mound of hot lobster served on a buttered toasted bun with fresh melted butter.

It’s raining cats and dogs and it’s freezing outside.
What do you want to fill your belly with?
A steaming hot bowl of steak and two potato soup.

What are your essential kitchen tools?
A really sharp knife and the Magic Bullet. It makes salad dressings and smoothies like nobodies business.

What is your specialty dish?
Grilled Steak Salad with Mango, Avocado and Roasted Jalapeno Dressing.

Have you ever had any major kitchen disasters?
My worst kitchen disaster happened last summer when I went to carve a recently purchased watermelon to serve at a family cookout at our house... one slice of the knife and the entire melon exploded... everywhere... and what a smell!

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Ingrid said...

Thanks for the interview and link to her site. It made me think about what my answers would be.