Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chicken wings and baby lotion

A literary glimpse into my evening...

We had chicken wings. It's kind of a fad right now. When we went to CA, Ethan went to Buffalo Wild Wings and bought some of their sauces. So we came back and have been making wings. Ethan plays chef and dredges and fries the wings. I follow him around the kitchen and clean up after him. He makes big messes in the kitchen. With the wings, we had watermelon and strawberries. The strawberries could have been sweeter, but that is just my preference.

My boys grubbed on wings. Van had them sans sauce due to the mess. I am not into it. He really grubbed on the watermelon, which is a big deal considering he doesn't really grub on anything. We are in an awkward phase right now with his eating habits.

While Ethan continued to fry, I proceeded to bathe Van. It's nice to bathe my boys separately. I don't get a chance to often, but it is nice when I do. They don't fight over toys, they just sit and play. After Van was clean and then lotioned, I zipped up his jammies, gave him is "bah" and put his clean little rear in bed.

Once I finished getting Van into bed, I finally got a chance to eat those darn wings. I listened to Jack tell me all about his little cars he was setting up into rows as I licked those chicken wings clean. They were mighty tasty, especially when washed down with some diet Dr. Pepper.

Once the kitchen was semi-clean, I headed down stairs to hide from Jack and Ethan. Don't you hide from your family? I like to digest in peace and quiet. Soon, I was found by Ethan and he sat down on our bed. He requested a foot rub. His right foot, the one that was operated on, still gets quite sore and throbs. But it was all for the sake of the wings. They sure can't be fried while sitting down. My poor husband and his bad feet. I pray for him a lot.

Soon Jack came down and found us. By then, it was 9:30- way past Son One's bed time. So I gave him the 5-minute countdown to bedtime and he ran out to get some last few minutes of playtime. The five minutes were up and then started the bedtime process. You know, the bathroom-teeth brushing routine. Once that was done, he was put to bed. He requested a story, which is a shame because I am terrible at recalling bedtime stories. He asked for "Jack and the Bean Stalk", for selfish reasons. But I am a bad mother and I can't remember how it goes. So I offered "The Tortoise and the Hare". He loved it. I gave him a kiss and then he asked if I would lay down with him so he could start his story. I couldn't really follow his story because I kept staring at his little face while he told his tale. The way his upper lip curls when he smiles. The way his eyes shift back and forth when he is trying to be funny. The only thing I remember from the story was when the giant gets stabbed in the "froat" and can't talk. Oh yeah, and the princess that makes the kingdom disappear and reappear.

Now the evening closes while watching a movie. The selection is "The Majestic". We have been going through all of our movies and watching them. It's the frugal way of having weekend entertainment. Here's to hoping that tomorrow, Father's Day, isn't filled with time-outs and poopy diapers.


Snooky doodle said...

must be very hectic but rewarding having two boys :)

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

I find myself staring at my son when he is talking too.
Trying to memorize him I guess.

rabidrunner said...

I pray for his feet too. Wish him a happy father's day!

Ingrid said...

Sounds like a lovely evening.