Monday, June 1, 2009

Terra Mia in Orem, UT

My sister Caitlyn cuts and colors my hair and does a great job. I love my hair. It is my best feature. What is your best feature? Anyways, after getting my hair done, I wanted to drag out my childless evening so I took Caitlyn out to dinner.

Terra Mia is in Orem across from the University Mall's new Cinemark movie theater. Perfect for the dinner-and-a-movie-date-night we are all so used to. The atmosphere is very uncomplicated and open. The menu is traditional Napoli style and very straightforward. Nothing too pretentious or pricey. We ordered two pizzas and a Caprese salad and spent $25. Lots of bada-bing for your buck.

Caprese isnt complicated or fancy and it is one of my favorite salads. And I even had a little fresh mozzarella! Proud? Look at me, how adorable, trying my darnedest to like cheese. For my pizza, I ordered the Terra Mia. Traditional Margherita pizza with chicken, pine nuts, spicy salami and provolone. Absolutely divine. Crispy, chewy thin crust and fresh ingredients make Whitney very happy.

They also have excellent gelato. Caitlyn got some mango gelato and coconut gelato. Super smooth and there is no way there can be artificial flavors in that stuff.

If you are looking for a fresh, delicious dinner out, go to Terra Mia. And while you are there, go across the street and see "Up" and then tell me how it is. I love any and every Pixar movie and sometimes lose sleep over my excitement for "Cars 2".


keely steger said...

Look what you've gone and done there. I completely forgot everything else you wrote before "Cars 2." Seriously?! They're making another one? My son will be sooo excited! And who am I kidding? So am I! Are Lightning and Sally still together? Is Radiator Springs still getting business? I need a me a Mater-fix!!!

Mal Robin said...

We are going to that restaurant when I get back. Understood?? Good.

AzĂșcar said...
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AzĂșcar said...

I loved Up.

And if you don't cry at least once, maybe even twice, you don't have a soul.

Yeah, I said it.

cat+tadd said...

I need more of that salad. The one that I didn't even realize was a salad...