Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vancy Pantsy is ONE

My little Van is now 1. Boo hoo. I, like all mothers out there, can't believe how quickly it went by.

Van was a dream baby. It all started with the delivery. So calm and enjoyable. I went home the next day because it all went so well. The days that followed were so sweet. Babies bring a gentle spirit with them when they come home from the hospital. Sure, we had our late nights and crying spells, but it goes by so quickly.

Left to right, Rowan, Charlie and Van
Left to right, Jacque and Rowan, Me and Van, Emily and Charlie

Van is quite popular. He had TWO birthdays. One in California with his two cousins, Rowan and Charlie, that were born within 8 days of him. Then we came back to Utah and he had cake and ice cream with my family. At both events, he didn't care much. He just eats his cake and smiles.

So I sadly toast to my baby's 1st birthday and get REALLY antsy to have another one.


Kalli Ko said...

I am dreading August for the Nub's #1. That means my ovaries start humming in stereosound singing "let's do it agaaaaaiiiiin!!!!!"

Mike and Jill said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Van! When I see his pic I think he can't get any cuter. And then he goes and gets cuter!

[Morgan] said...

happy birthday handsome van!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

He is so cute! My little girl's first b-day is coming up next month. I'm not going to let her turn 1. I'm not. No, she can't.

Snooky doodle said...

how cute ! Happy birthday to Van! He s adorable

Sweet Pea Chef said...

What a sweet post...for a sweet, sweet boy's first birthday!

Janeen said...

So glad that Van had a "Happy Happy Birthday".

Give him a couple xoxo from me.

Ingrid said...

Shoot the older they get the faster it seems to go! :) Can't believe my youngest just turned 10and the twins will be (gulp) 13!

All the photos were sweet but that last one takes the cake! LOVE the huge happy smile!