Monday, July 27, 2009

Bookmarked I

I am always bookmarking things around the internet. Blogs, websites, tutorials, articles, videos etc. I want to start sharing and spreading the love. Here are some of the things I have bookmarked in the last week or so.

Sweet Pea's Summer Cucumber Salad
. So up my alley. Fresh cucumbers, vinegar and sugar.

Small Time Cook's Cinnamon-Oat Pancakes. I am always looking for ways to put a spin on breakfast for my boys. I can never have enough pancake varieties.

Barefoot Kitchen Witch's Strawberry Freezer Jam
. Lots of berry possibilities here and she put together a great tutorial.

Wikipedia's Cooking with Alcohol article. I had been looking for a legit article about how much alcohol actually cooks out of food. You will be quite surprised.

Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" trailer
. When I showed this to Ethan, he said, "Damn! Why do I have to wait that long! I can't wait to see it!". I think you will feel the same.


Cafe Johnsonia said...

Wow. The alcohol article was interesting...I'm still cooking with it. (Because I like to live on the edge of my religion.) ha, ha, ha

rabidrunner said...

Ah... Tim Burton. Oh how I wish he were my brother! Think of the childhood we would have had!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Thanks for the shout. Now I am hoping it is up to the RC challenge. :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for the link! As a side note- these pancakes were totally delicious when I popped them from the freezer into the toaster and spread with just a smidge of whipped butter. Like a healthier, heartier version of cinnamon toast. :)