Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grilled Nectarines

Who said grilled fruit has to be a dessert? It certainly wasn't me. When I was looking around the internet for a method on how to do this recipe, I kept finding dessert recipes. But I wanted a side and that is what I did. You are more than welcome to do this with peaches or plums. I give you permission- but just this once.

Nectarines, as many as you want, halved and pit removed
Olive oil
Ground black pepper
Brown sugar

Heat grill to high.

Set nectarine halves on a platter, cut side up. Pour a small amount of olive oil (a few tablespoons) into a bowl and brush nectarine halves with the oil. Sprinkle on a small amount of brown sugar and add a few grinds of black pepper.

Grill nectarines, cut side down, until dark grill marks appear and the skin is hot to the touch, about 3 minutes.

Served with this: grilled flank steak, green salad


Cafe Johnsonia said...

The black pepper sounds so interesting. I've been wanting to try nectarines this way. Now that is has your seal of approval...well, I think I have to. And the flank steak, too.

Mal Robin said...

They were wonderful!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

We love us some grilled fruit. Never tried nectarines, but they sure look yummy!

Karla said...

Last season I decided the same thing. Grilled fruit could be a side dish as easily as anything else. So I grilled up some peaches with lavendar. Yum! I plan to do it again in about 4-5 weeks when the peaches are on.

Ingrid said...

Darn it, we REALLY need to get a new grill. Ours bit the dust MONTHS ago and I'm clearly missing out.

Did you like the savory version of the grilled nectarines?

Kate said...

Nectarine wedges wrapped in prosciutto are divine when grilled to a nice crispness. I just love grilling fruit but I don't get such an enthusiastic response from the guys when I serve it. I did a balsamic glazed grilled peach as a side to pork tenderloin and nobody wanted any. I was flabbergasted. Their loss I guess. I'll just make it for myself!

My Sensei said...

What a great way to eat nectarines! I have done this with peaches and its just amazing. Can't wait to try it.

Peanut Sprout said...

Love the idea of savory grilled stone fruit...and nectarines are my favorite this time of year!