Thursday, July 30, 2009


We went to the rodeo for the first time. Jack put on his "uniform" and brought along his imaginary horse named Blue. Ethan was a little bitter that I didn't okay a pair of Wranglers. He wanted to buy Wranglers just for the rodeo and I know he wouldn't have worn them ever again. But they would have looked dashing.

My most favorite event was Mutton Bustin'. They put little kids on the back of a sheep and then the sheep takes off. And these little kids hold on as tight as they can until they can't anymore. That event made the rodeo completely worth the crappy benches that were doing a real number on my tender rump.

Most memorable statement from Son One? A cowboy gets bucked off a bronco and the crowd is cheering. Jack yells,

"Yeah dude! That was freaking awesome!
You're a piece of work! I love you! I love your horse!"


Kalli Ko said...

Ah mutton busting... my favorite childhood past time. I was a champion sheep rider back in the day. The secret? Get real low and hang on for dear life. As an adult this secret has served me well...

Ingrid said...

Jack rocks! He's very obviously your son! LOL! I still think the best comment was the one last year during the high school wrestling match. I'm going to go back & read it again.

[Morgan] said...

jack isn't any thing like his mom is he?
he's awesome.

Tricia said...

love the photos! you and ethan look great. and i am beyyyyyyond jealous you went to the rodeo. i haven't been since i lived in Zion. :( it will always be one of the things i miss about "home".....and reminds me that i need to get to utah in the summer so my kids can experience it.

and i laughed my head off....jack's funny!

ljkc said...

As a wise man once said, "Yeah dude! That was freaking awesome!
You're a piece of work! I love you! I love your blog!"

P.S: Um, you're smokin'... ;)


cat+tadd said...

You're a pretty sister of mine. That's FO SHO. And I love Jack's uniform. Smashing.