Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Julie and Julia", again.

I saw "Julie and Julia" again. I had wanted to take Ethan and show him and have him laugh in all the same parts as me. I just couldn't wait! Yesterday I told him that we were going on a date after the boys were in bed and Aunt Lauren was available. And then he told me that he had already seen it by himself the day before. And then my upper lip started twitching. It does that when I get really mad. I just couldn't stop my lip. And if Ethan saw it, he would have pointed it out and I would have gotten even madder. My lip could have twitched right off my face. So I covered my mouth and said, "I am so offended. You were supposed to see that with ME!" He told me to calm down and we decided to go anyways.

Boys bedded and off we were for some diet soda and overly-buttered, greasy, delicious popcorn. We did end up laughing in all the same parts and were delighted in Meryl being Julia. At the end of the movie, Julie Powell makes this divine creation of a duck stuffed with something wonderful and then wrapped in pastry and cooked. Ethan bent over and whispered, "You need to make that." And I said, "I would, but remember Van? You know, Son Two that takes everything apart. I just don't have time to make something like that." Ethan sadly agreed.

Poor me. I can't cook all day like Julie Powell or Julia Child. I would. I totally would. But my sweet boys keep me busy. I love them and every bit of them, but gosh, they are busy little fellows. So maybe someday. Maybe when my children have gone and gotten all big, I will have the time for fancy stuffed duck for my husband. But for now, I will be content with how things are now. You know, how Van is throwing the springform pan around and Jack is asking me to find his cowboy hat while I try and saute some onions and garlic. I am sure is sounds familiar.


AzĂșcar said...

I hear you. I made a great dinner tonight. The walls on the stairs now have blue marker on them.

Peanut Sprout said...

I too look forward to the day when I can once again loose myself in cooking. But for now, I make meals that I can step away from to fix train tracks or find puzzle pieces. Sometimes I try to reason with my 20-month-old that if he wants to eat he needs to let Mommy cook...he doesn't get it. :)

Ingrid said...

I'm not certain about anyone else but once my guys are gone I'm not cooking....baking, sure as that's a bribe but cooking nope!

That duck you were referring to is on Peef and Lo's blog. They made it. (No kiddos at home!)

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Since you aren't on Facebook (ha, ha, ha), I'll repeat one of my status updates from yesterday afternoon:

"Recipes should come with Before Kids (BK) and After Kids (AK) instructions. For instance: Meatloaf. Prep time BK: 10 minutes. Prep time AK: 3 hours. (And yes, we are eating meatloaf for dinner on a hot August day.)"

Actually it took me more like 5 hours. I *totally* get what you're saying, my friend.

Frieda said...

Your boys will reach an age where they CAN help you cook/bake~ It will come before you know it~

Niki said...

Too familiar. WAY too familiar.

My son is fine and dandy entertaining himself playing with toys, etc. until I bring out the pots and pans. Then he turns into the neediest human being on the planet.

It took me three hours the other day to make brownies for a church activity....and that was without the frosting.

Lisa Michelle said...

I have yet to see this movie, but I'm looking forward to it! I know I'll go on a Julia recipe kick once I do. I heard Meryl was amazing, but the 'Julie' parts were 'feh'.

On another note, those stuffed 'shrooms below look amazing! I LOVE how you it's all in the name of Definitely worth any compromise!

Sarah said...

I need to see that movie