Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bookmarked IIII

Here are some of my latest bookmarked and starred.
There's a bunch this time.

My biggest problem with baking cakes is the cake sinking. And that is because I am over-filling my pans. I need bigger pans. I want two of these ones from cooking.com.

bet[c] recently commented asking how to freeze fresh basil. Here is a link from Kalyn's Kitchen on how to do just that.

New favorite blog: I Saw Today. Sheena posts one picture everyday and each of them are captivating. Add her to your RSS feed and you will have a dose of pretty everyday.

Love and Olive Oil posted a recipe for white chocolate bread. It is a yeast bread with bits of white chocolate throughout. My husband would LOVE it.

Azucar asks a very valid question. Where would you keep your Oscar?

Untitled 23 made his wife the MOST BRILLIANT crib for their new baby. Do you find changing crib sheets a bit cumbersome? Untitled 23 fixed the problem.

Gale Gand has a recipe for the most delicious chocolate croissant bread pudding. Ethan makes it in enormous batches for catered events. I think I want him to make some this week. It is celestial. Too bad he is out of town.

1 comment:

sheena said...

haha. love the comment disclaimer.

thank you thank you....you are much too kind.

and how dare you for posting two links containing the words chocolate + bread, because I think that could be just about the best combination of words ever.