Monday, September 14, 2009

Here is what I like to snack on lately

A sliced avocado with kosher salt and ground pepper sprinkled on top and finished with a dash of Tabasco. Spicy, creamy, salty. And avocados do a body good.

As for Jack, he likes crackers for snacks and Van is a popcorn fiend. Ethan is a sunflower seed guy. He stores bags and bags of them, like a squirrel store acorns. Favorite brand? Zotes.


Ingrid said...

YUM! I've never tried it with a bit of tabasco sauce. I love to eat along with rice.

Justin said...

ooh, how simple. i'll have to try that.

Angel said...

We all *love* avocados. I never thought to dress it up this way! Thanks!!!

Jennie said...

This is my kind of snack! Avocados and Tabasco are two of my favorite things! Yum!