Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting close

Update. I am kind of cooking again. Kind of. Like I made dinner all last week. I made mostly go-tos. Chicken nachos, pizza, Paula's barbecue meatloaf and black bean burgers. I also made some delicious but ugly chocolate chip cookies.

I will admit I had the most amazing hamburger at Sonic last week. I know, Sonic. Good for nothing but their bevvies. But hunger overcame me like H1N1 and I needed to be cured. Who would have ever fathomed Sonic could woo me with their burgers? Even the tots were dreamy. Perfectly salted, not over cooked, fluffy in the middle. I couldn't shove them in my mouth fast enough. It was so unlady-like. "Mom, can I have another tot?" "Sorry son, they are all gone," as I hid them in my lap and snuck them into my mouth. I don't think I will ever get another burger at Sonic again so that I don't become disappointed, because I am certain that type of greatness won't happen again.

My husband and my brother in-law own an event catering company. They had a busy weekend catering three events in two days and that totaled to about 700 people. Not too bad. I dropped by two of the events and they looked lovely. My husband can decorate a buffet better than most women. But with all of that work, his foot pain was excruciating. Remember how he has bummer feet? Foot rubs were in order all weekend.

Speaking of those damned feet, today the boys go in to see a foot doctor to see if they are cursed as well. I am pretty sure they are okay, except for their flat feet. I have to make sure we are able to catch any problems early on so that we can prepare for the future. I am actually quite excited to show the doc Ethan's x-rays. He is going to be so baffled. I always get a kick out of showing those to doctors. They rarely have seen anything like them.

Van was sick last week. And it made me so proud. I knew I wasn't right. He was feverish, lethargic and really cuddly. So I took him to the doctor and I was right. Double ear infection and strep throat. The doctor commended me on my intuition and that really inflated my pride. Luckily, we caught his ailments before they got really bad and he is on the up swing. Although I do miss how cuddly he was.

Jack went on his first preschool field trip. He has the most awesome preschool teacher. Anyone who is looking for a preschool in the Payson/Salem area, I have your gal. She has her own bus and they went up into the mountains to look for "sleepy trees", also known as trees that are changing colors.

As for me, I am feeling slightly better. Well, maybe not. Honey Nut Cheerios help and so does drinking enough water. There are a lot of things that are one of the kind when pregnant. Never ending tiredness and crying. Both have no explanation. Both I excel in.


rabidrunner said...

My name alone promotes myself (buwah hah hah hah!)

That's not what I wanted to say, however. What I want to say is: I love it when my kids are sick. The obnoxious rambunctious in them turns to cuddle. Love it. We're on the couch watching Scooby Doo right now. Heaven!

Suzanne said...

the 'tots' remind me so much of Napoleon Dynamite..I guess I can't eat or even visualize tots w/out thinking ND now.
So Honey Nut Cherrios is your cereal of stomach choice eh? Mine is Cinnamon Toast crunch. I toast a pregnancy cereal spoon to you my fellow pregnant friend!

rabidrunner said...

We also had Nutella on tortillas and hot chocolate for breakfast.

Constancia said...

Besides fabulous recipes, your blog makes me laugh! I laughed out loud (and scared my husband) while reading about you hiding the tots in your lap so your son couldn't have any! TOO FUNNY!!!! Hope you feel better soon!

Mrs. Organic said...

I really need to get cooking again. I sort of go in cycles and have no excuse, besides getting bored with it.

I love that cuddly stage when they're sick - my kids have never been cuddlers, so I enjoy it whenever they are.

Kalli Ko said...

on sonic, the tots got in my mouth last week and I was satisfied. My burger would have been good if they'd remembered the freaking ketchup. Honestly, who forgets to put ketchup on a hamburger??

Ingrid said...

Glad to hear you're on the "upswing"!

Nat The Rat said...

I feel the same way about Arctic Circle half-pounders. But every time they taste just as good, and I feel just as fat. Oh well.

sarahe said...

yummm....sonic....for some reason my crazy bulldog does not like tots! she's crazy!

glad you're feeling better

{Erica} said...

Enjoyed this update/post.

Flat feet suck (I blame my chinese genes).

Glad you're on the road to feeling better. I can't wait for that...