Monday, November 16, 2009

Confession: Ethan took Jack to work with him this afternoon. Jack has had his Lincoln Logs all set up in his room. I told him that I wouldn't let Van get to them and mess them up. Guess where Van is right now? And I let him do it. He is so content right now while he throws Lincoln Logs everywhere and steps all over Jack's carefully crafted log cabin.


By the way, tomorrow is a giveaway of excellent proportions.


Amanda said...

Tomorrow is also my birthday!! Should your mega giveaway and my birthday be super connected? I think so!
I have already purchased Nathan a set of Lincoln Logs and he's only 10 months. Gotta be prepared, right?

ec said...

i just burst out laughing. i'm sure my hubby thinks i'm crazy. a food blog? funny?

oh, so funny!