Monday, November 23, 2009

Purple Leo

Today I sent my husband and four year old to Southern California. Ethan has catered Thanksgiving dinner for the same family for the past seven years. And this year is no exception. I sent Jack with him so he could log in some quality cousin time.

I just called Ethan to ask where they were on the road. Jack answered and told me about two new tractors Daddy bought him at the store. A steam roller and a back hoe bulldozer combo. As a mother with boys, you learn the exact terminology for each tractor and truck.

After telling me all about his new toys, he asked, "So how is my wife?" Did you know Jack is married? He is, to his imaginary wife Purple Leo.

"So how is my wife?" he asks.

"Oh, she is fine. She has been hanging out with me today. She misses you." I replied.

"At church on Sunday, the baby kept asking her for a bah-bah. It was so funny. Make sure you take good care of my wife and my baby until I get back." he said.

So while Jack is gone, I will be taking good care of Jack's imaginary wife Purple Leo and his imaginary baby. That's what any good mother would do.


karin said...

Love 4yo and their imaginations. We don't have an imaginary wife at our house but many times toys are sent to time-out or told they can have a treat.

Adrianne*Dustin*Kellen said...

Married at age 4?!? Oh No! My son is only 16mo and I'm sad he isn't a baby anymore. I'm not ready to be a mother in law in a few years. :-)

[Morgan] said...

purple leo eh? awesome.

it's very true what you say about correct truck terminology. until i had jonas, i didn't know there was a difference between a bulldozer and a front loader or a digger and an excavator. or the difference between a t-rex and an allosaurus for that matter.

[Morgan] said...

oh and, i hope some good cousin time is just what jack's doctor ordered. lucky him.

beck said...

i love your kids. they are awesome! so preg-bud, when do you find out what you are having? are you feeling better yet? sounds like it since you are in the eat everything and anything stage. i LOVE food right now.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Oh, Jack. You are one of a kind. I love that. Purple Leo. That's the best name for a wife.

Ingrid said...

LOL! Okay, tell us the WHOLE story.

Lars said...

I am visualizing Grimace as Purple Leo now. I love the Jack stories. Such funny and awesome kiddos you have.

MH said...

From 4 to 24 so quickly! I can already tell he's going to make a good husband someday.