Saturday, November 28, 2009

Relish Tray- Are we the only people that do this?

Every year my family has a relish tray at Thanksgiving. And it started with my mom's mom having it at their Thanksgiving every year. It's a platter of lots of cut veggies, all kinds of olives and pickles and a good dip to go with it. It sits on the counter and everyone eats throughout the food prep, after dinner and the next day. Ethan's family never does a relish tray and he thinks we are crazy. Are we?

Does anyone else have a relish tray at Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Delectables that adorned our trays this year- prepared by yours truly:

Grape tomatoes

Green onions
Sugar snap peas

Yellow bell pepper
Dill pickles
Sweet pickles
Banana peppers

Black olives
Green olives
Marinated artichoke hearts

Isn't that a beautiful list? I hope that convinced you to add a relish tray to your holiday feasts if you haven't already.


Sparks said...

If you don't do a relish tray, it says you are fat and dumb.

Lars said...

We do a relish tray. I am a big fan. Even on non holiday family dinners we do the relish tray.

Kalli Ko said...


pickled asparagus is freaking amazing

find it at costco

[Morgan] said...

sure thing. we must be crazy too.

Señora H-B said...

mmmmm...relish tray...*Homer Simpson drool* Seriously, I think the relish tray might be my favorite part of any family meal. So delicious!

Jessica said...

I am, apparently, fat and dumb. Mostly because ours was a potluck version this year. We did have relish-type trays, but nothing that pretty. You've given me inspiration for the future.

What type of fancy dip do you use?

Rebecca said...

I know you would hate it, but I really look forward to our fancy cheese and cracker tray. It serves the same function that your relish tray does, it's just fattening and delish.

Sometimes, we include grapes. Does that gross you out a little less? :)

Winder said...

My family is classic. We always have a relish tray, but my dad insists that we don't snack on it before dinner. I always say what is the point? So I snack on it anyway.

My dad was a high school football coach prior to his retirement. Does that explain it?

Adrianne*Dustin*Kellen said...

We do relish trays and I know alot of other people do too because when I went to Walmart to buy a new tray, they were sold out.

Amy Williams said...

Relish tray here! (We pass on the spicy peppers and add jicama!) Wouldn't be the holidays if the kids weren't too stuffed with olives to eat turkey! :)

T&C said...

Always had a relish tray growing up at my Grandma's. Ours was simple and consisted of sweet pickles, olives, radishes, and celery with pimento spread. So not crazy, it's tradition:)

rookie cookie said...

All of this is a revelation. I am so glad to see that we aren't weird. Ethan, looks like you are the weird one.

Recipe for the dip coming next week.

Ingrid said...

Nope no relish tray but I'm gonna keep it in mind for my Christmas dinner prep!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

karin said...

we do relish trays at non-holiday events too.

camillewinnie said...

Heck Yeah! But we aren't allowed to touch ours till dinner starts. Mom always says, "Quit eating that, there won't be any left for dinner!!" But of course there is plenty and leftovers to boot!! My mom doesn't know how to cook for any less than an army--she isn't happy unless there are enough leftovers for 2 days.

I think the relish tray should be the appetizer but she doesn't see it that way. When I am finally in charge the olives will be fair game--everyone always steals them anyway ;-)

Azúcar said...

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, we're unreliable like that.

But there is always pie. And cake. And ice cream.

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

We do a cut veggie tray, and appetizers that we graze on all day, and well into the next!
This year it was hot spinach and artichoke dip, meatballs, and veggies : )

mcassidy25 said...

My family does as well! We always include those pickled baby corn things...totally cool when you're a kid!

The dip we use is that classic spinach dip stuff that comes in a packet and you mix it with sour cream and water chestnuts. Yummy!

Rae Ann said...

A relish tray is a long standing tradition and one of my favorite parts of any gathering.

{Erica} said...

It's not Thanksgiving or Christmas without a relish tray.

Pickled asparagus? Is it good?

likeschocolate said...

We also don't do a relish tray, but I think that is because we just look forward to the meal so much. I don't make any of the dishes that are served on Thanksgiving really any other time of the year. Well, except for the mashpotatoes, but I don't make them very often. Maybe, I should replace dessert with a relish tray. Thanksgiving it the one day to be really naughty.

Kalli Ko said...

It's amazing Erica. And if you're like me and enjoy pickled things to an extra degree when pregnant, it is freaking fantastic.

NatTheFatRat said...

Relish tray, yes! I brought one to Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house this year and they looked at me and my vegetables like, "What is this for??" and then nobody ate it.

And Sparks, EL-OH-EL. Agreed times thirty.

Sarah said...

My side of the family does a relish tray, husband's side does not. This year we celebrated at with my husband's family. I made green beans - it was the only vegetable.
Funny thing - my husband's side is much thinner than my side. :)

Jenny The Bold said...

We always have relish trays! Almost at every get-together.