Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas and Kleenex

Christmas Day sucked. I was sick and wasn't in my own bed because I was in California. Blah. I spent most of the day sprawled out on Death's door mat clutching my aloe Kleenex box and diet Coke. I didn't take one picture and I won't remember a thing. But I will remember Jack's superb super hero costume that my mother in-law made. And I will remember those handmade tamales from my brother in-law Ricky. I guess it didn't suck that bad. I think I was just disappointed in myself for getting sick at all. I haven't been sick in years and I take great pride in that. Ask Ethan, I brag every time he gets sick. So naturally, he had a small sense of satisfaction seeing me hack and moan.

Christmas Eve was the best. Ethan had to work so I took my boys to Huntington Beach in search of some Christmas contrast. And we definitely found it. It was so very warm and there was the slightest breeze. The sun felt so good on my face. The boys were a dream come true. No crying, fighting or tattling. Just the sound of laughing and the ocean. It was one of those gratitude moments. The type of moment where you feel so happy and so content.

I hope you and yours enjoyed your holidays. I am excited about going into a new year. This last year seemed like a doozy. So I am ready for a new one.


beck said...

I hear you on the sick thing. I only get sick when I am pregnant. I hate it. I am always the one who doesn't get sick, although I end up being the carrier and everyone around me gets sick. So I have a cold cause someone brought over their sick kids to my house. Lame. But it's not that bad. I know the not remembering things with a cold and I hate that. I can remember christmas this year.

dandee said...

You look like every word you described feeling at the beach. Happy + content.

Wish I could bottle those moments up.

Camille said...

Just found you through another blog. Had to comment since I'm currently blowing my raw, rosy nose for the hundredth bajillionth time this week! Get better!

Ann-Michelle said...

Ohhh I LOVE tamales! We forgot to make them this year :( I always like to make them with green chiles and cheese. My favorite.

[Morgan] said...

i envy you for not ever getting sick.
really, pure jealousy.
because in the winter, i am ALWAYS sick.
woke up the first day of my holiday break with a fever. it lasted five days, then came the sinus infection, followed with a morning (actually 2) of eyes gooped shut. and today? a cough that won't let me breath deeply or sleep.

i've just about had it and your description of the beach was exactly what i needed. or need, let's face it, just hearing about it isn't enough. i need warmth!!!

okay, anyway.

glad you had some happiness despite being on your death bed and that your boys were a dream come true.

here's to you and a great 2010. you truly deserve it.

Kalli Ko said...

the beach

I am missing the beach something fierce right now

Direct your minions to whip you up a batch of chicken and dumplings. Stat.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

SO sorry you had a miserable Christmas. I've been there (not on Christmas), sick enough to cry, at a friend's house, not my own. Thankfully, a GOOD friend's house, so she and her family still talk to me even though I made her bathroom a Hazard Zone. Ok, hope that wasn't TMI.

glad you are recovered

Ingrid said...

Sorry to hear that your Christmas wasn't all that it could have been and that you were under the weather. :(