Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kick the can

When I was unpacking boxes in my new house, I ran across two cans without labels. And I wasn't about to open them. Something about a blank can seems so scary and mysterious. It could have anything in it! Refried beans, creamed corn, botulism.

As my family came and went with helping me move and unpack, I had them make their guesses. They shook them and listened to them and then wrote their judgement on the can. There were guesses like tomato juice, butternut squash, chicken stock and oil (Jack). Van's were the best. His guesses were "dunnah" and "huh". Ethan said, "Wouldn't be all be surprised if we opened one of the cans there was some 'huh' in there."

One afternoon, my sister Caitlyn came over after I begged her over text to come play and to bring me a soda. We decided to open the cans. And sure enough, I clamped the can opener on one can and it sprayed all over Caitlyn. That is probably not a good sign.

Turns out one can was pumpkin puree and one can was tomato sauce. And then I threw them away, not willing to risk death upon consumption.


Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

Ugh. When I was nesting w Merrick I found cans that had been expired for YEARS.

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Funny. Smart move to throw away.

Ashlee said...

At a "kitchen," bridal shower my Aunty gave me I got a gift of an entire basket (LARGE) FULL of cans without labels. It was fun to guess- we usually opened at dinner hoping for corn or green beans to go on the side of whatever we were having. It was always an adventure. Thankfully the expiration dates were all listed on the top of the cans. Weren't yours?

Genevieve said...

botulism *giggle*.