Monday, February 1, 2010

Today is my birthday. I had a moment to sit at my computer so I thought I would tell you. Today has proved to be lovely. I just got back from a fish taco lunch with my sisters and mom. I just love fish tacos. With lots of lime. And a diet Coke to wash it down.

My mom writes all of us birthday poems and they are always clever. I thought I would share mine with you. My mother is so whitty.

Whitney! Another birthday!

A year that did not linger

Another year of mothering

And giving trials the finger.

A year of intense learning

And chasing little boys

Trucks, weapons, bottles

Diapers, tractors, noise.

Now baby three is coming

And the gender will be new

Instead of boy – a little girl

Will make her grand debut.

Whitney drives to the doctor

Whitney drives to the store

She’s down the street to preschool

And the library she’ll explore.

Up in the a.m. for breakfast

And not the cereal kind

Pancakes, eggs, bacon

Yogurt or fruit you’ll find.

Willing to spend an evening

Rubbing husband's feet

Or baking an extra buttermilk cake

For his own personal treat.

She’ll always be your friend

And disregard your flaws

But don’t you ever hurt her men

Or you will see her claws.

The kitchen queen she is

And happy she will be

When beating eggs or mixing sauce

And on a cooking spree.

She cares for home and family

Monitors in-law activity

Jumps to help if needs arise-

Timely assistance is her proclivity.

So Whitney it’s your birthday!

And we all shout “Hooray!”

Pack up the kids for Jumping Jack’s

Ethan said he’d take them today.


Sweet Pea Chef said...

Happy Birthday! Did the move go smoothly?

You mom is hilarious. Now I know where you got your tremendous wit.

Hope your day is happy. Then again, any day with fish tacos can't be half bad.

sarah22277 said...

Happy Birthday, Rookie! I'm in the countdown to the big 33 myself this month!

{Erica} said...

Happy Birthday. Sounds like it's turning out to be a fabulous day!

Rebbie said...

Happy birthday! I hope the fun continues!

Winder said...

Happy Birthday! You don't know me...I'm Rabid's friend. I just wanted to tell you that if you ever decide to remove this little blog here, you must give me notice. It has become my most used cookbook.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday! Your mom is so creative!

Ashlee said...

Ummmm... that was completely adorable. My mom used to write poems. She passed away a few years ago and reading this warmed my heart. Thank you for sharing!

Emily Hill said...

Happy birthday! The poem is awesome, especially the part about "giving trials the finger"--now that's my kind of poetry! After reading your mother's poem I feel I know you a little bit better. LOVE fish tacos, especially with a side of Diet Coke. I think we could be good friends. Here's a bday poem for you:

Roses are red
And rain is wet.
I hope this year
Is the best one yet!

Kalli Ko said...

I want to break out into the unbirthday song from Alice in Wonderland but it's NOT your unbirthday so that'd just be pointless.

I heart you. Happy day friend.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday. It sounds like it's off to a great start.

keely steger said...

I love birthdays. (Mine, especially.) Hope yours is wonderful.

Jamie Hyde said...

happy birthday Whit– hope it's a Great one! We'll have to get together this month for lunch to celebrate yours, mine and Lucy's Birthdays!

Lars said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your cake is tasty and the day is blissful.

Tricia said...

Happy Birthday, friend. I hope it's a beautiful day. And I think your poem is spot have a cool mama. Enjoy the rest of your day. :)

Frieda said...

Happy Birthday! Your mom IS incredibly witty ~ thank you for sharing!

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...


Shanicherie said...

Happy birthday Whitney! You are wonderful and inspiring! I hope you have gotten spoiled today!

3 Bundles for Me said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

ec said...

happy birthday!

and i love your mom. is that weird?

Krista ... said...

Happy HAPPY birthday!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday. We have birthdays only a day apart. I hope mine is as good as yours. Hope the move is going smoothly.

jenn king said...

happy birhday! love the poem! your mom is awesome. you are awesome. thanks for being my blog friend!

NatTheFatRat said...

Happy Birthday! I can not think of a better way to celebrate than with fish tacos.

Happy Cook said...

Happy b'day to you and you mom is so sweet wiritting a peom for you. Wishing you a wonderful day.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday! Your mom is sweet, that is an awesome poem. And lunch with family, and soda... what could be better?!!

Anne Living Life said...

Happy Birthday to you! Just love the excellent poem from your mother. Cute!

Kristen said...

what a cute and funny poem. sweet mom for sure.

The Cookie Lady said...

Happy Birthday to you! As a fellow baker, I follow your blog. It's a funny coincidence that we share the same birthday. Hope yours was as good as mine. :)

Melanie said...

How cute is that poem? And happy birthday. Your mother is endearing just for the plain and simple fact that she used the word "proclivity" in your poem. Now that's talent.

heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITNEY!!! i hope it was wonderful. i love your mom's poem. i really miss you guys. maybe we need to come visit you.

rookie cookie said...

You are all so nice. Thanks for your comments. My mom likes them too.

Sarah said...

One more thing... I am not doing this to promote my blog, but I just wanted to let you know, I nominated your blog for an award. Do what you will with it. :)

Ingrid said...

How awesome that your mom writes you birthday poems! Do you have them all written down and saved? I love that idea. I'm going to have to try that for mine.

Happy belated birthday Whitney! Hope this next year is great one!

ljkc said...

My apologies on being late to the party - so busy now! But a sincere Happy Birthday to a great e-penpal ;)


P.S: LOVE the bday poem :)