Saturday, April 10, 2010

Barefoot Contessa "Back To Basics" Cookbook Winner

The weener is Jen, blogger behind Delightful Delicacies. Jen darling, e-mail me with your address so you can add this cookbook to your collection.

Now onto tonight's movie. Ethan went to Redbox and rented a movie for us tonight. And he brought home "New Moon". Haven't seen it, didn't want to see it, but here I am. Did my husband already see it, all by himself at a matinee showing? Yes, he surely did.

Have you had a nice weekend? Do anything grand? We cleaned the garage out. And it was grand to dejunk and whoreganize. Don't you say whoreganize? You should.


Emily said...

Congratulations to Jen! I recently met her at Raw Melissa's healthy food prep class and thought she was fabulous. And "New Moon"? Haven't seen it yet, though I'm sure I'll rent it when I'm in the mood for a good comedy!

[Morgan] said...

ah! we cleaned out our garage too. and both cars.
feels so damned good.

Brit said...

mmm...i love me some mashed ' tryin ur oops scratch that, ethans bbq rib receipe along with ur bbq sauce tonight (done the sauce before, it was obviously a hit) never ever done ribs before so wish me luck! ill let you know how it goes :) im a little worried because they're not all connected like ur receipe describes...some are some aren't...probably gonna make arranging them into a V a bit of a prob.

jen said...


jen said...

p.s. emily, i thought you were pretty fabulous too.