Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keeping it Real

What dinner prep is complete without an open jar of Nutella and a soup spoon?

No thanks to Ethan, I have (had) a 3-pack of Nutella from Costco. It was bought a few months ago and there is only one jar left. Actually, make that half of one jar.

p.s. Remember when I was in "Real Simple" magazine? Yes, I really was. Click here.


Erin L said...

mmmm.... nutella.

we made nutella wrappers once: a dollop of nutella wrapped in a wonton wrapper and fried, then topped with a little bit of powdered sugar.


Cathy said...

Don't forget the open can of Diet Dr. Pepper. A personal favorite. Can't make dinner without it.

Julie said...

Ha! I made the mistake of smearing nutella on my dtr's toast this morning. Life changing event, I'm sure :)