Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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There's some cool stuff out there, so in order to promote that best-of-the-best, rookie-cookie.com accepts appropriate advertising. To inquire after more information and a rate sheet, click on the Email button above.

Rates will vary based on ad type, placement, duration of display, and size, but you'll never know what kind of variance we're lookin' at until you inquire, so don't be shy and email for more info.


NOTE • Rookie-Cookie.com does not support gratis advertising. This includes free mentions, free reviews, free text links, free book reviews/promotions and trades for advertising. Due to the time it takes to create and post great recipes and family tibits, emails regarding the aforementioned will not be answered.

However, if you've written and published a unique cookbook that you believe the Rookie Cookie readers may be interested in, rookie-cookie.com does do giveaways and will consider an inquiry regarding a book giveaway.